Rain Lily

Coming This Spring!

Some of the items that we'll bring to you this spring.  Some are already on the site, others will appear in mid-March.  Rain Lily's pieces are all ethically handcrafted and represent the best of slow fashion.  

"Morse Code" bracelets made from semiprecious stones by women rescued from human trafficking, and those at risk of exploitation in South East Asia.  They represent "Strength," "Overcome," and others.

Earrings made by women artisans in India.  They are given economic empowerment through their work.


Why Choose Handloom for the Earth?

New handloomed scarves coming from Indigo Handloom!  These are sumptuous, soft and beautiful.  And the carbon footprint used to make them is zero!  Here is how they describe the impact of handloom on our environment:

Making handloom cloth doesn't need to consume even one piece of coal -- just the energy and expertise of the artisan weavers.  If you compare the energy needed to make two shirts -- one with machine-milled cloth, one with handloom, there is enough energy saved to power a small laptop for 8 hours!


New Items

We have new items in the online shop with more coming in the next few weeks and we're very excited!  We look for pieces that are modern with a bohemian flair, beautifully handcrafted and ethically made.  Take a look at these!



We had a wonderful holiday season.  Sales of our crafts were very good, and the orders came from around the country.  It is so very gratifying when people appreciate our pieces and appreciate that they have been handcrafted by women (and men) from around the world.  Whether the goods are crafted in a faraway country or right here in the United States, they have been made by people who are earning a fair wage and are working under safe conditions.

We are passionate about the beauty of our handmade items and are excited to bring them to you!  If you have ideas for items you'd like to see on our site, or have feedback on items you've purchased, we're all ears!  So please email or call us.


Fall 2015

Lots of beautiful things are coming into our shop in the next few weeks and we can't wait!  Here are a few:

Handmade wrap bracelets with semi-precious stones:

Handmade sterling and gold-filled jewelry from Austin, Texas:

Handwoven, hand-printed silk/cotton scarves from India:


Indigo Handloom Scarves

We're excited to be getting some scarves from Indigo Handloom in our store next month.  Their scarves are heavenly!  In the words of founder Smita Paul,

"Our main goal is to save the beautiful and sustainable art of handloom while offering beautiful product into the world. Handloom scarves are not just incredibly soft, they are also extreme eco-friendly. We don't require any energy source to make our products - not even a lightbulb! Handloom creates nine times as many jobs as a scarf made by a machine - and all of those jobs are incredibly low impact. We are out to change the fashion industry - one of the worst polluting industries in the world - one scarf at a time."



Milagros, or tiny miracles, are small religious charms that have been used in Latin America for hundreds of years to petition saints for guidance, help and protection. Milagros are made in many different symbolic forms, from eyes, legs and arms to angels and animals.  We're hoping to get some fair trade jewelry pieces using these wonderful little charms.

Jewelry from Sasa Designs!

We have been thrilled about the jewelry we're getting from Sasa Designs by the Deaf, a non-profit that works with deaf women in Kenya.  The women are trained to make gorgeous jewelry, which provides them with a sustainable income.  The bracelets, earrings and necklaces are lovely and you can find several pieces for sale right here on our site!  Two of my favorite pieces are the Unity Necklace and the Trio Bracelet, shown below.  They are even more beautiful in person, and very finely crafted.



Hamsa Bracelet with Evil Eye

We just got a sample of this wonderful handmade bracelet with a mother-of-pearl hamsa and a little evil eye -- both symbols of protection which we love.  We're looking for just the right hamsa pieces for our collection.


Summer is in full swing and we've added some wonderful new items to our collection. Handcrafted, globally inspired and ethically made accessories and home decor. Take a look! xoxoxo

Questions? Call us at 917-309-0840. We'd love to hear from you!


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