Rain Lily

Hamsa Bracelet with Evil Eye

We just got a sample of this wonderful handmade bracelet with a mother-of-pearl hamsa and a little evil eye -- both symbols of protection which we love.  We're looking for just the right hamsa pieces for our collection.

Mother's Day

Here's a photo of Rashmi and her baby girl.  Rashmi is one of the artisans who make some of our jewelry, from our friends at WorldFinds.

Tassel Necklaces from Bali!

Can't wait for our handmade tassel necklaces to arrive from Bali!  Aren't these colors delicious?

Should be here in about two weeks.  Super excited!

These Make Us Happy

Lots of wonderful new items coming for Spring ... like super soft handwoven cotton scarves from Ethiopia and lovingly handmade jewelry from Kenya (made by deaf women who work with SASA Designs).  Here's a peek:



Extraordinary Scarves

We are really excited about the new scarves we're getting from Ichcha, a small company based in New York City that is the brainchild of two sisters.  They design the scarves and then they are hand block printed in a small workshop in India.  All natural dyes are used and they are woven from the finest natural fibers -- cotton and silk.  These are no ordinary scarves -- they really are wearable works of art.


Chewing the Cud Bags Are Here!

We received a special package today -- the tote bags and pouches we ordered from Chewing the Cud, a San Francisco-based design firm that specializes in bags and home textiles.  They are chic, modern and gorgeous, and are made with eco-friendly inks on heavy canvas.  Take a look, and order one for yourself or as a wonderful gift!

They all have waterproof linings (how great!) and the pouches come in two sizes -- Small (4"x5") and Medium (7.5"x5").  The zipper rings on the pouches clip onto the inside of the tote, which has a strap and hook for that purpose.

The Hamsa

I love the hamsa, the palm-shaped amulet used in jewelry and wall hangings, especially throughout the Middle East and North Africa.  The hamsa, or khamsa, also known as the Hand of Fatima, Hand of Mary and Hand of Miriam is a sign of protection that also represents blessings, power, and strength, and is seen as potent in deflecting the evil eye.

It is beautiful, not only visually, but for what it represents, and for the fact that it is used in so many major religions -- Judaism, Islam and Christianity.  Talk about a beautiful universal sign....


There are thousands of beautiful depictions and styles of this symbol.  The one on the right is a pure silver, handcrafted pendant from Shiana, a fair trade group in Northern Thailand that works with hill tribe villages to produce the most gorgeous jewelry, both traditional and updated.


Here's a photo of a dear friend wearing Rain Lily bracelets!  She sent me the pic and titled it "Girl Power!"


Bandhani is the art of tie and dye.  Here's an amazing example of a bandhani silk scarf from India.  It's from Mimbres Valley Imports -- www.mimvalimports.com.  Another traditional craft technique that is worth saving!

Ajrakh Printing


(Photos are from www.jaypore.com)

 Ajrakh is a type of hand block printing which originated in the Sindh region of Pakistan.  It is said that it is Inspired by the trigonometric symmetry in Mughal architecture.

This wearable art is, like so many other ancient, traditional crafts, is in danger of dying out.  Machine printing and mass production threaten this and so many other priceless craft techniques.  There is a young man named Khalid Amin Khatri who is from Ajrakhpur, a village in Kutch, Gujarat, India -- his ancestral craft is ajrakh printing.  He studied this art at KALA RAKSHA VIDHYALAYA, a design institute dedicated to rejuvenating traditional arts.

We are working on bringing some of Khalid's scarves and stoles to Rain Lily and we are super excited about it!  Aren't they gorgeous?


Happy that warm weather, trips to the beach, hiking through green forests, and dining al fresco are upon us.

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