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Fall always seems like an optimistic season to me -- new school year, new beginnings, new crafts!  I'm very excited about the block-printed shawls we're receiving this week.  Now we've all seen block-printed fabrics -- they are not rare.  But some block-printed fabrics are not really block printed -- that is, they are not printed by hand with wooden blocks carved with the fabric's design.  Some are just machine printed.  And there are many block-printed fabrics that are the real thing, and some are beautiful.  But the shawls that we're getting are jaw-droppingly beautiful!  The patterns and colors are so vivid and gorgeous.  Take a look at the photo below which shows some of the prints:

I think you'll agree that they are amazing.  And the size is a generous 77 x 47 inches -- you can wrap them as shawls, cozy scarves or use them as sarongs.  We'll have them this weekend at the Long Island City Flea & Food, and if we don't sell them all, we'll put them on the website.  If you're interested, drop me an email.

Written by Katie Mahoney — September 10, 2013

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